Libertarian Presidential Candidates Dollars / Vote

Nominal Dollars not Inflation Adjusted  Nominal
Election Candidate Popular Votes Individual Donations Dollars/Vote
1996 Harry Browne 485,759 $1,248,198 $2.57
2000 Harry Browne 384,431 $1,217,198 $3.17
2004 Michael Badnarik 397,265 $1,093,013 $2.75
2008 Bob Barr 523,713 $1,372,110 $2.62
2012 Gary Johnson 1,275,821 $1,984,244 $1.56
2016 Gary Johnson 4,167,740 $12,794,165
includes Super PACs

2016 Reference

Jobs Are a Cost, Not a Benefit

At the FEE site, Professor Van Colt presents the essay “‘Creating Jobs’ Will Hurt the Economy”

full text

“Gaining jobs” to achieve a given objective is synonymous with worsening your situation, not improving it.

The value of work is easy to grasp at the most domestic level: your own home.

Being a homeowner isn’t easy. Among other things, you always seem to have more chores to do than time to do them. The chores are not ends in themselves. Rather, they are means to an end — in this case, making a home and yard more livable or aesthetically pleasing.

Opting to do a chore yourself — “insourcing” in current parlance — isn’t costless. You lose the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your other labors. For example, you could tackle different chores, spend more time with your family, or work extra hours in the marketplace, increasing your income. Hiring someone else to do the chore — that is, “outsourcing” — isn’t costless, either. It means you can’t buy other things. Costs represent sacrificed alternatives.