International Trade – THE IOWA CAR CROP

Steven Landsburg, The Armchair Economist

“International trade is nothing but a form of technology. The fact that there is a place called Japan, with people and factories, is quite irrelevant to Americans’ well-being. To analyze trade policies, we might as well assume that Japan is a giant machine with mysterious inner workings that convert wheat into cars.”

Thoughtful Article on Immigration

Social Theory and Practice
Volume 36, Issue 3, July 2010
by: Michael Huemer

Is There a Right to Immigrate?

Immigration restrictions violate the prima facie right of potential immigrants not to be subject to harmful coercion. This prima facie right is not neutralized or outweighed by the economic, fiscal, or cultural effects of immigration, nor by the state’s special duties to its own citizens, or to its poorest citizens. Nor does the state have a right to control citizenship conditions in the same way that private clubs may control their membership conditions.

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