Jacob Hornberger considers the Left’s concerns about the Trump – Russian axis.

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What’s wrong with an American politician “colluding” with a Russian politician to win an American election?

How come no one talked about prosecuting FDR for colluding with the Soviet communists?

While we are on the subject of U.S. regime-change operations, both foreign and domestic, a question naturally arises: If Russian “meddling” in U.S. elections is considered to be a bad thing, then why does the U.S. government meddle in elections and other domestic politics in other countries?


Maybe — just maybe — the Trump-Russia controversy will cause more Americans to do some serious soul-searching over the meddling in which the U.S. government has engaged in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and yes, even Russia. Maybe — just maybe — the Trump-Russia controversy will cause Americans to question why their government is now based on the principles of empire, a national-security state, and foreign interventionism.



Simplify Tax Paying

There is talk that Congress will revise the Income Tax laws.  Usually these revisions make filing tax returns more complicated.

If the majority of Americans continue to want the IRS to collect income taxes, lets at least reduce the burden on the typical American.

Currently the system requires the individual to file tax returns. The IRS then compares the information you provided with W-2, 1099’s, Mortgage Payments etc they receive from third parties, and decide whether to bother you, or send you a refund.

How about doing it the other way. Let the IRS compute what they think your income taxes should be based on the information they collect, then send you a statement. If you agree with their calculations, then pay the amount owed or ask for a check for the over-payment. If you disagree with their statement then file a return stating what you think is the proper amount.