Free Advice

The minority of crazies chase off people only because the sane expect everyone to be perfect. The sane give up when they find someone they think is unreasonable.

Ignore the crazies.

Don’t waste your time trying to convince them, just work to have a majority and out vote them.

When you find someone unreasonable, just tell yourself, I need to find another sane person.

If the sane out vote the crazies enough, it will be the crazies who leave.

When crazies stops getting attention, they generally leave to find another audience to annoy.

(orginally published May 26, 2016)

Michael Cloud’s Blast from the Past

At my request, my friend, Brian Wright, found an old favorite speech/article from Michael Cloud.  You can find Brian’s blog  at

The Late, Great Libertarian Macho Flash

by Michael Cloud

It was a large and expensive home. The architecture radiated impeccable taste. Seated around the dining table were five people: three moderates, a conservative and a libertarian. The conservative was a multimillionaire — and a generous political contributor. After dinner she turned to the libertarian and said, “Our hosts tell me you’re a libertarian. Maybe I’m a little naive, but I don’t know what that word means. Could you tell me about your beliefs?”
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