Response to New-Press Article

Brian Page wrote

My comment:

As Margret Thatcher said “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Government run schools in the United States are such an old institution, that most people do not even consider it a socialist program. But it is a government welfare program that competes with other bureaucracies for taxpayer money. With the advent and growth of other programs clamoring for money, politicians are not willing to set priorities, but rather calling on the taxpayers to pony up more money. It is not just the new increment for schools that concerns some of us, it is the whole idea that we need government schools to encourage growth in Lee County, and that growth is good. If it takes taxing Lee County residents and visitors more, to accommodate the growth, then lets cutback and maybe the growth will go away. People should be encouraged to create and use non-government schools, and let government schools just be a safety net for the those irresponsible people who cannot afford to pay for their own children’s education.

Say it is not so.

Trump no longer wants us to be the world’s policeman, just the world’s parents. When someone does something wrong (we are also the world’s judge and jury) then it is up to us to punish them. Not to accomplish anything just to let them know we did not like the behavior, and to let them know there is more of that where that came from. Trump et al think of the bombing as a “time-out”. When a parent gives a child a time-out, there are no repercussions for the parent, so why would anyone expect bombing Syria would have repercussions for the United States.