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from the Wall Street Journal 12/23/2020

Local Solutions Are Better Than Bureaucracy in D.C.

How very refreshing to read Gerald Seib’s “Far From Washington,
Americans Are Finding Solutions”
(Review, Dec. 12). It is preposterous
to believe the large, sclerotic, bureaucratic government in Washington can understand, let alone solve,
the problems of 330 million citizens,
50 states and countless counties, cities and towns therein. Many will remember Ronald Reagan’s rousing
declaration: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language
are: I’m from the government, and
I’m here to help.”
Farmington Hills, Mich.

Rulers by Chance

Would people demand that the government have less power if its leaders were selected by chance? If the President, and Congress members were selected by lot the public would never know who would be in charge. It is the power that we have given to the government that is the problem. Most people think that if we could only elect the right people we would have good government.

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There is no free lunch

Recently our chief news scout, Barbara Scolnick, forwarded a link to The Commonwealth Fund report How the Biden Administration Can Act to Strengthen Medicaid | Commonwealth Fund

Reviewing their suggestions for the Biden Administration, we didn’t see any policy recommendations that would reduce federal government spending.

Whenever more spending is recommended, the protagonists should either indicate where spending should be reduced, or what taxes should be raised or if they support growing the federal government debt.

Setting priorities and using them to live within your means is what grown-ups are supposed to do.

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