Understanding Others

Tom Woods posted on Facebook

“Ever notice that progressives think you “hate the poor” or you “hate the environment” or you “want people to die”?

And they genuinely have no idea what you believe and why you believe it?

Jonathan Haidt of NYU has found that in general, progressives don’t understand conservatives (or libertarians, for that matter) nearly as well as conservatives understand them.

That’s pretty obvious.

I can explain the entire progressive worldview to you without snark or dismissiveness, and I can explain precisely why progressives favor each plank.

Can progressives do the same for my views?

In my experience, they’re barely able to concede that their opponents are even human.

So they tend not to spend much time figuring out what the other side is saying.

The other side, after all, is a bunch of “racists” and “sexists” who don’t deserve to exist, and whose economic views show them to be lackeys of the so-called idle rich.”