If you are unhappy with where you got your start in life, than you must take it up with your parents since they are responsible for bringing you into this world. The sins of your parents are not your sins. Likewise, the injustices suffered by your ancestors, give you no right to reparations from anyone other than your parents.

I am thankful for what my parents did for me, and will not seek reparations.

Alternative way to say the same thing.

Anyone suffering from an injustice that occurred before they were born has ethical claims only against their parents. Their parents are the proximate cause for them being alive and therefore are responsible for how they started in life.

In my theory of justice there can be no crimes or aggression against you before you were born. All theories of justice have problems with initial distribution of property. My theory attempts to persuade people to live a peaceful and happy life without envy.

Life is a journey, not a destination. People can have joy and a good life no matter where they start.