Predictable Change is Good

Many people today are concerned about predictions of global warning. But why fear the change. If it can be reliably predicted, then lets prepare for the change, and enjoy it.

Our environment changes all the time. The more reliably we can predict the change, then we can adjust our plans and use the change for our advantage.

We accurately predict when it gets dark and light each day. What could be a bigger change than a world with light, and a world in darkness.  But we have all learned to live with day and night.

Many who live near the ocean use the prediction of the tides to plan their activities.

Most people who live in locations with seasons are able to¬†accommodate big temperature changes from the high 90’s to below zero, even when they do not know precisely when the changes will occur.

Everyone is not wiped out by floods, hurricanes and lightning. Only those who do not take proper precautions suffer.

All those who are concerned about climate change should just prepare for it, rather than try to stop the inevitable.