Marc Montoni explains why on ballot

Susan Jane Hogarth wrote on Facebook 10/17/2020 that Marc Montoni said:

“I have no intention of attempting to sell you or any other police-state supporter on the advantages of a voluntary society not governed by coercion.

There are people who already understand the police state you’ve helped create injures individual rights and steals wealth to transfer it to the theft sector. I only agreed to place my name on the ballot to give those individuals a way to express their non-support of that police state.

Sure, there’s lots more of you. There will be for a long time to come. You and yours have control of the state indoctrination system. Not going to waste my time fighting that; I’m not going to try to dissuade you from your support of state violence.

It took five thousand years of ‘civilization’ before slavery suddenly collapsed and was abolished — just over the last couple of hundred years. Coercion is next.

Some people have moved past the coercion-based system you support. It is for them that my name is on the ballot.

If you support less coercion, feel free to cast your vote for me.

If you don’t support less coercion, you are free to vote for others.”