Who will build it

Why not build a pipeline from Lake O to 10 miles out in the ocean?
The Los Angeles aqueduct is 137 miles and designed to flow 290 cu ft/s. The Corp of Engineers is authorized to discharge up to 5,000 cu ft/s. It would take about 17 pipelines the size of the Los Angeles project. The pipelines could be about 60 miles long if going east, or about 110 miles long if going west. With equal length pipes, it could be done with 12 pipelines to the east and 7 to the west.
The LA project cost about $24 million in 1907, but it had to go over mountains. Accounting for inflation, today the LA project would be about $620 million. That would give an estimate for the FL project of about $10 billion. That is less than 1/2 the government paid for the Big Dig in Boston, and less than the Trump wall.
Who wants to start a GoFundMe to pay for it? I will donate $500 if 20 million other people will donate the rest of the $9.99 billion for the project.

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