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2018 Masters Intra League Bocce

  • We will have a practice session on Monday, January 15, 2018 as part of the Masters Event at the River Club. League Play will be Friday afternoons starting January 19, 2018.
  • Each of 10 teams will play each of the other teams ending in regular team play ending on March 16, 2018. Then there will be playoffs (the top 4 teams in season play will compete for the first 4 places) on March 23, 2018 and remaining teams will also be playing as part a Masters Party on March 26, 2018 – ending the season.
  • Regular season games start at 3:30, but you are expected at the courts no later than 3:15.
  • We have 108 players. Most teams  have 11 players.
  • This really is wonderful and it shows the spirit of The Masters.
  • We all have the best intentions, but if anyone thinks they will miss 3 or more matches, please consider dropping out to allow the team sizes to be reduced, and allow more play. Just let Terry know by email at:
  • Below are team rosters. Please note your captain and teammates.  The teams may be changed at any time to allow for drop outs or additional players.. Just like in the Big Leagues.
  • Chelsea for Bocce is different than golf. When we obtain a court ,the email is sent immediately, seven days before the scheduled date. Therefore Captains are aware immediately of any difference in the normal time and can let you know.
  • It is possible that we will not be able to get the 3:30 to 5:00 slot on each Friday.  It might happen that we will have to take a 5:00 to 6:30 slot for some individual matches. If so your captain will know a week in advance and let you know.
  • All the rest is fun and I am anxious to start as a player.
  • We have a website where all the league info will be posted as it become available, and we expect to send weekly emails with match results and/or general news.
  • We have a wonderful group of Captains:
    Nancy and Jim Freeman
    Fred Howard
    Jim Curtis
    George Cheatham
    Jim Wilson
    Rich Calcasola
    Annie Brown
    Dikran Ohannessian
    Russ Frith
    Don Jancin

Bocce Committee
Terry Mountford, committee chair and facilitator
Don Jancin, general emails and court times
Ben Bachrach, weekly emails and website

Master Circle Bocce League Team Roster as of 11/07/2017

Team 1
Captain Nancy Freeman
Boulay, Antje Hannah, Lawrence
Boulay, Ray Monahan, George
Fenton, John Riley, John
Fenton, Marty Vonderbrink, Edward
Freeman, Ken Vonderbrink, Jude
Team 2: Mighty Rollers
Captain Jim Curtis
Addy, Jim Curtis, Karen
Addy, Rosemarie Scott, Alan
Albertini, Tony Straub, Kathy
Blumenthal, Joanne Straub, William
Blumenthal, Kurt Venosa, Pam
Team 3
Captain Don Jancin
Campbell, Phil MacLeod, Sandy
Jancin, Pauline Moscaritolo, Lynelle
Mace, Diane Moscaritolo, Michael
Mace, John Thibodo, Michael
Macleod, Doug Thrun, Robert
Team 4: Uno
Captain George Cheatham
Broesch, Patricia Eaton, Celeste
Broesch, Patrick Eaton, Tim
DeMeules, Mary Smith,Katy
DeMeules, Rusty Swanger, Gwen
Dugan, Jean Swanger, Jim
Team 5
Captain Jim Wilson
Geise, Henry Mantilia, Christine
Geise, Jill Reece, Barbara
Hedlund, Ellen Roberts, Carol
Hedlund, Ron Roberts, Roger
Mantilia, Arnold Wagner, Bill
Team 6
Captain Fred Howard
Bachrach, Anina Gallagher, Mary-Grace
Bachrach, Ben Gallagher, Scott
Cournan, Carol Howard, Kay
Ellis, Jan Zeig, Ann
Ellis, Ric Zeig, Norm
Team 7
Captain Rich Calcasola
Alexander, Kim Paquette, Wendy
Calcasola, Diane Pike, Robert
Jungbluth, Ingeburg Vilamaa, Jeannine
Kloevekorn, Diana Vilamaa, Kari
Lee, Frank
Team 8
Captain Annie Brown
Fox, Graig Olando, Faye
Maxwell, Bill Root, Tom
Maxwell, LeEtta Vasile, Jerry
Nabholz, Cheryl Vasile, Mary Ellen
Olando, Jorge
Team 9
Captain Russ Frith
Brown, Kathe DeFrancisco, Henry
Burr, Nelson DeFrancisco, Marilyn
Bursack, Joanne Mawbey, Bassel
Clark, Bruce Mawbey, Eileen
Clark, Monika Portman, Kathy
Team 10
Captain Dikran Ohannessian
Ellis, Bill Mountford, Joan
Ellis, Sharon Mountford, Terry
Gallico, Joey Rhodes, Dusty
Moran, Dan Rhodes, Kathy
Moran, Pat Roberts, June